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  • 2010/08/06 • Namibia • Views: 384

      When dreams turn into nightmares

      The story of the five young men who stood for 6 days in a Frontier Ace container vessel surprised us all. The occurance of people from impoverished countries endangering their lives at sea in order to get to a first world country is not...

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    • 2010/08/05 • Namibia • Views: 554

      The unsung acting DG

      The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) has been embattled with leadership deficiencies for the last five years. This has been the principle reason why NBC faced problems such as stale programming, technical inadequacies and lack of...

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    • 2010/08/04 • Namibia • Views: 416

      New life for Tsumeb

      Tsumeb is a ‘never say die’ town about 400 Kilometers north of Windhoek. The copper mines at the town have closed twice in the last 15 years and for a town which exists purely for mining, this has had various economic hardships. Now...

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    • 2010/08/04 • Namibia • Views: 481

      What money can buy

      The Basic Income Grant has been critized for being unsustainable and being insufficient. Maybe it can be argued to be unsustainable but the sufficiency of the amount may not be justified. N$ 100 for each Namibian may seem like a small...

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    • 2010/08/04 • Namibia • Views: 392

      Spain’s economy and Namibian Hake

      Spain has been reeling from the recent financial crisis and has been forced into tough and widely unpopular austerity measures. As usual, what happens in one part of the world affects another. This time, the poor economic conditions in...

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    • 2010/08/03 • Namibia • Views: 472

      The wild wild Windhoek

      When I heard about the 3 kudus that were running loose in a suburb of Windhoek I had a nice laugh. Imagine doing your laundry and seeing a kudu speed past on the tarred street. Hilarious! When I heard that 2 of the 3 bulls were shot I had...

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    • 2010/08/03 • Namibia • Views: 410

      Women in Politics

      While women are making strides in business leadership, they are facing challenges in another important sphere; politics. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) calls for at least 50% of women representation in government by...

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    • 2010/08/03 • Namibia • Views: 418

      Celebration and reflection

      Africa has reached a significant landmark in 2010. Half a century ago the first African countries gained their independence and started the walk towards self-determination. This is a year of celebration. But celebration also calls for...

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    • 2010/08/03 • Namibia • Views: 447

      Do it on your phone

      Using mobile phones to surf the internet is not anything new, even in Namibia. Among youth and young adults the trend is increasing. In Namibia Facebook has reaching the tipping point and it is not surprise that most young people are...

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    • 2010/08/03 • Namibia • Views: 379

      Women leaders in business

      It is good to see that women are taking leadership roles in the world of business. In Namibia women have made great strides and today there are many women in leadership positions. There are two women that lead the pack. On July 1st 2010,...

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